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Minatronics Corporation, has been in business since 1961 and became the recognized leader in fiber optic security systems in 1986 when it designed the LightGard product line which is now available through more than 2000 leading alarm system dealers who can provide free estimates as well as install and/or service the LightGard systems everywhere throughout the USA and Canada.

Innumerable types of valuable items as well as all kinds of Weapons and Computers can easily be monitored and protected 24 hours a day by using the, easy to install, LightGard Fiber Optic Cable Security Systems to eliminate theft by insiders as well as outsiders employees, faculty and students, cleaning personnel, and visitors - both wanted and unwanted.

Although there is always a threat of theft from an outside source, most corporate theft, military theft, and theft at Colleges and Universities is done by "insiders". For a theft to occur the thief must have a NEED, an ATTITUDE, and OPPORTUNITY. One head of security for a super market chain said, "If we could stop employee theft we would let the shoplifters have what ever they wanted". With over 100 employees per store, he had night crews grilling steaks, (with stolen charcoal), on the shipping dock platform and helping themselves to an endless fresh salad and vegetable bar as well as batteries, school supplies, cosmetic supplies and other personal needs. This is typical of "insider" theft by supermarket employees. Other types of companies are also plagued with all types of employee theft. LightGard can not help protect food or sundry items, but can monitor and protect electronic items, TVs, cameras, computers, guns and innumerable other types of valuable equipment including contractors' construction equipment, industrial valves, and even nuclear waste.

It is nearly impossible to control a potential thief's NEED. A person's need or perceived need can change over time due to drug addiction, becoming an alcoholic, family sickness, children's education expenses, credit card debt, and other economic factors.

His ATTITUDE can also change due to all sorts of happenstance, and likewise is often beyond an employer's control. An employee can be passed over for a promotion, he can begin to feel that his employer has so much money that the employer will not miss what the thief is about to take, he can want to "get even" for something, or he can feel that everyone else is taking things so he might as well take things also.

The only thing that an employer can control is the OPPORTUNITY. By installing a LightGard Fiber Optic Security System on your valuable items, the OPPORTUNITY for stealing the valuable items without being caught is greatly diminished thereby stopping the theft. If a thief feels that sirens are going to go off, the police are going to arrive in minutes, and/or that CCTV cameras are going to be "tripped on" to begin to record him as he is taking something, he is not going to even attempt the theft.

Over one million computers and their associated equipment, TVs, Projectors, and all kinds of Lab Equipment being successfully secured and monitored by LightGard Fiber Optic Loops 24 hours a day even as the equipment is being used at Colleges and Universities throughout the USA and Canada since 1986 confirms our belief!

No faculty member wants to explain to his wife and kids that he lost his job because he was caught stealing. No student wants to explain to his parents that he was kicked out of school because he was caught stealing. No employee, janitor, etc. wants to explain to his wife and kids that he lost his job because he was caught stealing. No employee that loses his job due to "down sizing" wants to explain that he also lost his unemployment benefits because he took "his" laptop computer when he left his job. LightGard can easily eliminate theft OPPORTUNITY, and thereby prevent a theft.

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