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The Personal Computer... The Most Stolen Item in the Country.

Over 10 billion dollars worth of computers and computer hardward (figure does not include the value of the software contained on the computers) were stolen in 1992 according to the Stolen Computer Registry. With the advent of the laptop computer this figure is growing astronomically. The Personal Computer, like its predecessors, the TV and VCR, is no longer considered a luxury, but rather a necessity! Students at all levels of education can no longer expect to participate or advance in the classroom without knowing how to use personal computers. It's a sign of the times, but unfortunately, so too is the growing Black Market demand for these computers. In fact, personal computers are now the most stolen item in the country. Many universities are reporting losses of up to two per day. The most disturbing aspect is that only 5% is due to forcible entry, while 95% is due to internal theft.

So What If Your Computer Is Stolen?

Reloading all your data
That is if you still have access to it
Down Time
Can you afford to deal with the lost time because your computer has been stolen?
Someone Has To Replace It!
Replacement Costs which deflate your department's budget directly effecting raises, improvements, and equipment purchases.
Insurance Rate Hassles and deductibles
Who wants to deal with another lengthy Insurance claim. You know they will want to depreciate your equipment and will not pay for software or your time to reconstruct your lost data.
Feeling Violated and Vulnerable!
Whether it's the entire computer, the exterior components, or the interior boards...computer theft is costing our educational system millions! Imagine the problems that you would face if you walked into your computer lab or office tomorrow and found that your computers or internal circuit boards were stolen. You would feel vulnerable and violated, and suddenly faced with the financial problems associated with trying to replace the equipment.
Possible Negligence Suit!
Is a CEO or the Board of Directors liable for loss of valuable Proprietary Data, Trade Secrets or New Product Engineering Data if steps have not been taken to properly secure the computers? What happens to a Doctor, Lawyer, Stock Broker, Accountant or Banker that loses a client's Confidential Data contained on an unprotected computer?

So Why Not Avoid the Hassles and Headaches

LightGard is the security system that provides 'round-the-clock protection for personal computers and/or a broad range of other equipment and merchandise. LightGard is more than just a deterrent. It represents the latest technological advance in security. Its fiber optic loop with its pulsating light beam offers 24-hour protection. If the beam of light is broken...if the fiber loop is cut...if any protected piece is disconnected from the system, the alarm is sounded and the proper authorities can be immediately dispatched to the exact trouble spot.

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