1.) New miniature highly efficient pull apart splice points.

By using the factory made high efficiency splice terminations, 350 foot loop lengths are now possible with up to 15 pull-apart splice points which can be placed along the loop's length for serviceability. Without splice points, 500 foot loop lengths are possible with the "Hardwire" version of LightGard II models.

The soon to be available, totally "Wireless" version of LightGard II will operate on two AA sized lithium batteries for four to eight years and will have slightly less loop length capability in order to conserve battery life. The recommended loop length for the wireless unit will be 200 feet with up to 15 splices and up to 300 to 400 feet without splices. The battery condition of the wireless unit will be continuously monitored and a low battery condition will be reported to the Central Processing Unit prior to system failure from a low battery condition.

Factory assembled standard lengths of approximately 25 feet, 3 feet, and 1 (one) foot are now available with male ends attached to each end. The one foot length is ideal for making a lasso type loop of fiber optic cable together with the "quad" or duplex bushing in order to monitor the position of a valve such as an oxygen valve in a hospital or a crucial valve in a sprinkler system or industrial refractory or processing plant. The three foot length is ideal for monitoring a bicycle on a car rack or an outboard motor on a boat or trailer when the LightGard II module is connected to the vehicles' alarm system. Ten of the 25 foot lengths with ten splice points makes an ideal length of loop for monitoring and servicing a group of computers in a computer lab and installation is simply a "snap".

2.) "Moon Trap" - Newly available patented splice point. Uses less than 7/8 of a square inch of flat surface of the item to be protected. Each half of the splice is super glued to the item to be protected, using a simple patented procedure which assures proper alignment.





Ideal for protecting removable Hard Drives or the RAM chips found in all laptop computers.Also ideal for protecting items where it is necessary to have a safe switch such as in explosive environments. Can also be used on drug cabinets and file drawers that need to be monitored for unauthorized opening. Can be used on a movable part as a means of turning off and on instrument panel Fiber Optic lights any time a door is opened. Will never wear out!

Can be used to protect all types of display items in retail stores.The LightGard anti shoplifting system has the added advantage that it can help deter employee, and cleaning personnel theft after regular store hours.The monitored system normally remains active 24 hours a day. Security personnel can be notified with pinpoint accuracy within seconds of any attempted theft. Can also be used in conjunction with CCTV to activate video recorders anytime that a theft is attempted.



3.) LightGard II
MINATRONICS CORPORATION announces the all new 12 Volt DC, LightGard II "Hardwire" - [Pulsed-Beam-of-LIGHT] - Fiber Optic Security System Module. It features Surface Mount Technology, Three Sensitivity Settings, an ever changing Random Pulse Rate, a smaller more compact size, and 1/3 the original current requirement (now only 24 ma.). The new tamperproof ABS plastic housing can be special ordered with separate tamper and alarm outputs or as the standard LightGard II version where the two outputs are combined as one. The many new features and revised design with state-of-art circuitry combine to represent a substantial improvement over the original LightGard units that have reliably been in service since the system was first designed in 1986.

LightGard units are currently protecting, - 24 hours a day - even as individuals are using the protected equipment, over One Million computers and associated equipment from theft and/or being stripped for parts. LightGard is being used at leading Colleges and Universities as well as Libraries, Museums, Banks, Business offices and Government Facilities throughout the USA and Canada. It is listed for "Active Seal Technology" by Sandia Labs for monitoring Nuclear Waste. It also is being used outdoors to protect everything from Golf Carts to Jet Skis, to Outboard Motors and Navigation Equipment as well as other valuable equipment in or attached to Cars, Boats, and Airplanes. It is used to monitor Fences, Patio equipment, and John Deere Equipment at dealerships and on farms as well as to protect Display Merchandise on sidewalks outside of stores. The flexible and durable plastic Fiber Optic Cable used by the LightGard System is usable from - 31 degrees to + 176 degrees Fahrenheit, is spark free, and is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Outdoor Direct Burial Cable is also now available by special order.

Besides Guns and various other types of Weapons on display at Trade Shows and in Armories, it is used for protecting all kinds of Laboratory Equipment in Science and Medical Labs, and can be found almost anywhere where valuable equipment needs to be monitored and/or protected from theft. It is particularly good at protecting valuable equipment from "insiders" and nightly cleaning crews since it is designed to remain armed while the area around the equipment is disarmed and being used by employees and visitors.

In addition to the many Patented unique attachment devices, a "Safe" switch is now available for Explosive (weapons and gaseous storage areas) and/or corrosive environments such as where Chlorine, Sulfuric Acid, and Salt Water is found. An all new corrosion free "Hatch Switch" also provides a unique tamperproof, easy to install, means for monitoring Hatches at Water Treatment Plants.

4.) Hatch Switch
Hatch Switch: New anti-terrorist defense
The new Patent Pending "Hatch Switch" has been designed as a secure way to monitor the opening and closing of the typical hatch doors which are commonly used by water treatment facilities. Direct burial fiber optic cable facilitates installing the cable and switch beneath the hatch door so that no fiber cable is exposed above the ground. Splice points do not have to be manually opened and closed to trip an alarm for it is all done automatically when the hatch door opens.

Picture of typical Hatch which can easily be monitored by new "Hatch Switch".




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