MINATRONICS CORPORATION announces the all new "Universal Wireless LightGard II - [Pulsed-Beam-of-LIGHT] - Fiber Optic Security System Module. It features Surface Mount Technology, Three Sensitivity Settings, an ever changing Random Pulse Rate, a smaller more compact size, and a four year battery life on two AA sized Lithium Batteries! (There is no transformer, gel cell or charging circuit that was required for the original wireless LightGard version.) The many new features and revised design with state-of-art circuitry combine to represent a substantial improvement over the original LightGard units that have reliably been in service since the system was first designed in 1986. These new totally "Wireless" units open up a whole new area for applications. The LightGard Universal Wireless unit has been designed so that it can use most popular supervised wireless transmitters. In development for several years the unit has been designed to accommodate the Ademco #5816, and 5816SA, the Inovonics FA210 and 210W, the DSC WLS 925, and the Secure Wireless EV- DW 319 transmitters. (The Secure Wireless transmitter replicates all of the learn mode GE/ITI, Caddx, and Napco Security products so that the new Universal LightGard unit also works with all of their respective supervised wireless control equipment.)

LightGard units are currently protecting, - 24 hours a day - even as individuals are using the protected equipment, over One Million computers and associated equipment from theft and/or being stripped for parts. LightGard is being used at leading Colleges and Universities as well as Libraries, Museums, Banks, Business offices and Government Facilities throughout the USA and Canada. (Colleges and Universities find that it is far less expensive to monitor their audio visual equipment and their computers in their computer labs 24 hours a day seven days a week than to have to pay somebody to monitor the rooms 24/7. LightGard does not require coffee and lunch breaks, vacations, health insurance, payroll, etc., etc., etc., and reacts within seconds if someone tries to steal or strip a protected item for parts.) It is also listed for "Active Seal Technology" by Sandia Labs for monitoring Nuclear Waste, and is ideal for monitoring all types of equipment that contain Nuclear material that terrorists might like to steal. It also is being used outdoors to protect everything from Golf Carts to Jet Skis, to Outboard Motors and Navigation Equipment as well as other valuable equipment in or attached to Cars, Boats, and Airplanes. It is used to monitor Fences, Patio equipment, and John Deere Equipment at dealerships and on farms as well as to protect Display Merchandise on sidewalks outside of stores. The flexible and durable plastic Fiber Optic Cable used by the LightGard System is usable from - 31 degrees to + 176 degrees Fahrenheit, is spark free, and is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. This new "Wireless LightGard" equipment will be ideal for monitoring contractors' equipment at job sites as well as remote water storage facilities' storage tanks' hatch doors which are used for tank maintenance since expensive underground wiring to these doors will no longer be required.

Besides Guns and various other types of Weapons on display at Trade Shows and in Armories, it is used for protecting all kinds of Laboratory Equipment in Science and Medical Labs, and can be found almost anywhere where valuable equipment needs to be monitored and/or protected from theft. It is particularly good at protecting valuable equipment from "insiders" and nightly cleaning crews since it is designed to remain armed while the area around the equipment is disarmed and being used by employees and visitors.

In addition to the many patented unique attachment devices, a "Safe" switch is now available for Explosive (weapons and gaseous storage areas) and/or corrosive environments such as where Chlorine, Sulfuric Acid, and Salt Water are found. An all new corrosion free patent pending "Hatch Switch" also provides a unique tamperproof, easy to install, means for monitoring Hatches at Water Treatment Plants.

For more information and pictures, visit our newly updated WEB pages at http://www.minatronics.com or call 412-488-6435 or write to Minatronics Corporation at One Trimont Lane, 850 - C, Pittsburgh, PA 15211.


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